Finland 100 – one story of it

This year Finland had an important birthday: 100 years!

Life was never a picnic in Finland.

The people of Finland are too aggressive for my taste. BUT. Would Finland be independent country today if its people were soft?

The story of poor Finland is an heroic road into one of the best countries on this planet today.

It is true. The Finns are heroes but today they know it a bit too well. Now they are stubborn and conceited – truly Besserwissers – you know – but don’t tell them that. They will get very angry with you and you don’t want that.

The story of my family shows this history quite well.


My parents were born in grand duchy which was a part of Russia then. My grandpa was building windmills and was a good buddy with president Urho Kekkonen’s father.

However, my grandma died in tuberculosis and my father was given away to a wealthy family.

As well known, Russia had some difficulties with itself and Finland got an opportunity to become independent country. But instead of being happy about this situation the Finns declared war with each other and that was a very ugly war, indeed.

My father´s brother – still an innocent boy was sent to concentration camp as well as the father and uncle of my mother. All of them died there for no reason. Ugly times.

My parents got married 1931 and my father worked as a manager of an estate in Karelia.

The happy family got in troubles as the World War II started in Finland 1939. My father got wounded 1941 and the whole family finally  leaved Karelia 1944.

So I was born in a refugee family and the rest is history and an other story.


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