Who to vote for?

We are going to have the election of the parliament Finland on 14.4.2019.

Troubled times again. For us voters. To decide if you are going to vote for the extreme right or for the extreme left. Or how about voting for the minister of the parliament? However, they have done fairly well regarding the economic state of the country. Maybe I should thank for that. I am just an eccentric poor person who thinks that without good rolling economics there cannot be welfare or prosperity for the poor. Unfortunately, the leftists, who I should vote for and who are nice people indeed, mostly think that money is growing in trees. And I know that is not true. Business life taught me that.

So what to do?

I know that parties in power now do not care for me at all and they rather hope I should better die and the sooner the better but they are good for the country.

Or should I lean towards a sexy celebrity who will be chosen for sure. Everybody is valuable, isn’t it?

Usually I have voted for the Green Party but I do not feel for them any longer. They are not realistic enough for my taste.

As there are no party which is for me should I consider even for not voting? I am not alone with these thoughts these days.

FotoJet Collage sirkka

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