Mother’s day

Today is Mother’s day and I celebrate it all by myself. Should I be embittered old woman about this situation? Maybe I should. For a good reason.


When I think those two wonder creatures I gave the birth to I must say that I am very grateful to life. Two healthy, intelligent and getting well along personalities – yes, I am grateful for that.

And why they are living their lives full out they have no time for me. Fair enough. I cannot even complain as when I was living my life full out in Middle Europe I did not have much time for my parents. However, our relationship was fine because my parents were smart people.

But that’s not all. It is not always nice to be a woman. First, your body does not belong to you due to the child. And there is always the blood. Girls begin to menstruate too early or too late. And feeling ashamed of herself as blood in underwear. And then menopause. Sudden sweats and loosing your beauty forever. All ends in home for the aged everybody hoping your death better sooner than later.

That’s woman’s life in a nut shell. Good Luck to Mothers! They do need it.

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