Kivenlahti blues

It was a summer 1977. I was living in Toulouse France with my husband, who worked at Airbus and two kids 10 and 7 years old. We had rented a cottage in Savo Finland for one month and it was reining nearly all the time, of course. One time we visited my sister in Espoo. She had just bought an apartment in Kivenlahti. I found it really beautiful and as she presented us the natur and the beautiful rocks around the sea I was sold. (In Toulouse and Munich there is no sea around).

At the buss stop I looked at the house where I now have been living 40 years. I thought that it must be handy to live here.


The years went by and it happened that I finally rented an apartment in Kivenlahti precisely in the house I looked at in 1977. Now it was 1982. It was not planned at all, at least consciously.

And it was true. This place was beautiful, then. I was working in Helsinki and the street of 20 km went through the most beautiful sea site. Every morning was a mind lifting experience the sun rising above the sea.

But nothing last forever. Later Espoo did build the subway and we sheep were ordered to go underground. No sun for us any longer.

Now the subway is extending to Kivenlahti and everything is horrible. RIP old trees, roses and nice walking trails.

I don’t say or mean that Kivenlahti could not be a nice place in maybe 10 or 20 years from now, but I will probably not be around then. And that makes me sad. Very sad.

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