Wir sind nicht alle gleich

Heute sprechen wir oft ueber Menschen, die gegen Globalisierung sind und möchten keineswegs verschiedene Nationalitaeten/Rassen mischen. Auch ich wundere mich oft was mit den Leuten los ist.


Doch habe ich darueber auch eigene persönliche Erfahrungen gemacht. Nämlich, z.B. ich bin Finnin und aufs Land geboren, wo Nachbarn ca. 2 km entfernt wohnten. Statt dessen mein Mann wurde in einem Land geboren, wo Nazis sehr beliebt waren. Wir hatten nicht viel gemeinsam.

Unser Sohn wurde in der Schweiz geboren, 3 Jahre später unsere Tochter in Muenchen. 5 Jahre später lebten wir in Frankreich und die Kinder gingen zur Schule da.

Das Resultat: Alles war in Ordnung, aber Individuen unserer Familie hatten nichts gemeinsam. Traurig aber Wahr. Und sehr gewoehnlich heute ueberall in der Welt.

Danke Lidl!

Ich war heute morgen einkaufen. Unter anderem habe ich mir eine neue Hose gekauft.

Ich bin seit Jahren eine arme, einsame Rentnerin mit minimalem Einkommen. Schliesslich war ich seit 13 Jahren mit einem gutbezahltem Österreicher verheiratet mit 2 Kinder in der Schweiz, Deutschland und Frankreich. Diese waren verlorenen Jahre = keine Rente.

Lidl in Finnland hat Geburtstag: 10 Jahre. Ohne Lidl hätte ich es nicht geschafft. Vielen Dank.

Great week

Great week for couch potato: Master Chef, Married First Sight, Dancing with the Stars etc. all starting at the same week.

Once a week a magazine brings 2x big and 2x little crossword puzzles + 1x Krypto and 2x Sudoku. Living like this you do not have time or energy to go to the streets to protest all the merde of the world.

Why couch potato? If you have no money and no friends or alternatively you are worn out at work, couch is friendly calling.

A smart strategy from Big Brother.

On Tuesday, September 1, 2020

I made a decision that I am going to tell to myself what I am doing and thinking while living my life as a hermit.

This morning I visited police station as I need a new passport. Who knows if I will need it ever again for travelling. However, as I do a lot online shopping I need it anyway.

I was too early there and so I had the opportunity to see what kind of people are working at the police station these days. Quite many really beautiful and sexy girls. Policemen have a good taste I thought. No ugli 50+ women there. (Sorry, that was sarcasm).

The Interview

Took these questions from a magazine in order to interview myself as no one else is doing it. Sorry.

What beauty means to you?

For me everything what lifts me up mentally: colors, sounds, forms, convenient vibrations/frequency which make me feel good.

What do you do when you are alone at home?

Meditation, biking, exercising, cooking, eating, sleeping, reading, writing, looking movies and series, painting, playing computer games, listen to radio and fake news/conspiracy from YT, learning languages, taking care of my plants, thinking – sometimes.

When do you feel uncertain in life?

In these Corona days I feel a bit uncertain everywhere.

As I do not have any support team behind me I am forced to stay in good condition in order to stay alive.

Is there anything about you which does not appear externally?

A lot. I was born after World War II to a world which does not exist any longer. We had Possibilities 0 and Self-confidence 100+. Young generation today feels on the contrary now, I think. undefined

You are well known for your conflicting comments. Any regrets?

Definitely not. I believe in freedom of speech and for me words are not deeds yet. My false actions I have done according my best knowledge and understanding at that time. So how could I regret those deeds?

What touches you?

Natur. Maybe based on my childhood. Most of all I am touched by people who believe what they preach and stay strong behind their true self. I admire them even when I do not agree with them.

What do you wish to achieve in life?

Not much any longer. However, I did not either when I was young. I am more a go-with-the-flow-person. Life can be more interesting that way.

What do you love most in a not so romantic way?

Everybody who wants to know more than school books are telling us.

Who do you dislike?

I dislike bullies which are disgusting. Furthermore, when adults raise their children based on their political views. This is common in Finland and I detest it.

What is the most important realization you have made in life?

That not even the wisest man can tell me why we are here and what is the meaning of life (except 40).

Mother’s day

Today is Mother’s day and I celebrate it all by myself. Should I be embittered old woman about this situation? Maybe I should. For a good reason.


When I think those two wonder creatures I gave the birth to I must say that I am very grateful to life. Two healthy, intelligent and getting well along personalities – yes, I am grateful for that.

And why they are living their lives full out they have no time for me. Fair enough. I cannot even complain as when I was living my life full out in Middle Europe I did not have much time for my parents. However, our relationship was fine because my parents were smart people.

But that’s not all. It is not always nice to be a woman. First, your body does not belong to you due to the child. And there is always the blood. Girls begin to menstruate too early or too late. And feeling ashamed of herself as blood in underwear. And then menopause. Sudden sweats and loosing your beauty forever. All ends in home for the aged everybody hoping your death better sooner than later.

That’s woman’s life in a nut shell. Good Luck to Mothers! They do need it.

And the narcissist of the year is …

I saw this morning the meeting of professional narcissists: the Oscar Gala in LA


And I loved it! When I was young I got educated like “Be an influential person and don’t be the audience”. But I find that everybody should be able to be the audience sometimes.

The world changes, too slow though. Some years ago narcissist was written in the same sentence with psychopath. Until it was found that we all have the tendency to be extreme selfish.

There are countless possibilities to express our inner narcissism. Some go to drama school or politics and others chose for ex. to sign to an international club for motorcycles or start just bulling others.

Life is short and you have the freedom of choice. To do something is often better than doing nothing. But not always. You decide.

Open letter to You

You are a well-meaning person, I know. Always on the good side against the bad. Sometimes you even want to fight for the rights against the wrong.

However, the matter gets a bit complicated as those bads think the same about you. An they can be even right – as well as you are.

What have you thought to do about it?

If I have ever learned anything in my life, is this:

Would I be ready to listen and learn to know the whole story/history about the other person, I would understand better his choices which would not seem to be so stupid any longer.

Finally, we all are under the pressure of often very cruel universe and living at the edge. Therefore there is no place for any arrogance. Instead there is all reason for understanding and co-operation. You ARE the other person.

This is not a joke.

The game is not over yet.

Was man sagt ist man selber

Vuosi paketissa.

Mitä siitä jäi jäljelle? Noh, mitäänsanomattomia uutisia kansalliselta kanavalta ja presidentti Trumpin herjausta toiselta. Jos maailmankuva perustuisi vain “uutisiin”, niin olisipa tieto maailmasta hataralla pohjalla.

Onneksi suomalaiset osaavat joskus ajatella myös omilla aivoillaan. Siksi peli ei ole vielä menetetty ja toivoa on.

Somekulttuuriin voisi soveltaa vanhaa saksalaista sanontaa, jota on opetettu siellä lapsille iät ja ajat:


Hyvää Uutta Vuotta 2020 ihan kaikille!