The Interview

Took these questions from a magazine in order to interview myself as no one else is doing it. Sorry.

What beauty means to you?

For me everything what lifts me up mentally: colors, sounds, forms, convenient vibrations/frequency which make me feel good.

What do you do when you are alone at home?

Meditation, biking, exercising, cooking, eating, sleeping, reading, writing, looking movies and series, painting, playing computer games, listen to radio and fake news/conspiracy from YT, learning languages, taking care of my plants, thinking – sometimes.

When do you feel uncertain in life?

In these Corona days I feel a bit uncertain everywhere.

As I do not have any support team behind me I am forced to stay in good condition in order to stay alive.

Is there anything about you which does not appear externally?

A lot. I was born after World War II to a world which does not exist any longer. We had Possibilities 0 and Self-confidence 100+. Young generation today feels on the contrary now, I think. undefined

You are well known for your conflicting comments. Any regrets?

Definitely not. I believe in freedom of speech and for me words are not deeds yet. My false actions I have done according my best knowledge and understanding at that time. So how could I regret those deeds?

What touches you?

Natur. Maybe based on my childhood. Most of all I am touched by people who believe what they preach and stay strong behind their true self. I admire them even when I do not agree with them.

What do you wish to achieve in life?

Not much any longer. However, I did not either when I was young. I am more a go-with-the-flow-person. Life can be more interesting that way.

What do you love most in a not so romantic way?

Everybody who wants to know more than school books are telling us.

Who do you dislike?

I dislike bullies which are disgusting. Furthermore, when adults raise their children based on their political views. This is common in Finland and I detest it.

What is the most important realization you have made in life?

That not even the wisest man can tell me why we are here and what is the meaning of life (except 40).