Breaking News! Day by Day


I just love Ronny Chieng


I bought 2 new friends. 7 Euros


Beetroot is a superfood with a lot of health benefits especially for heart health and exercise performance. I love it also as juice as source of many essential vitamins and minerals.

Borsh soup
30.01.2020 taking care of things in the city
29.01.2020 I colored my hair. This one is not easily found any longer. Why everything has to change?


Every day I take half an hour to learn French. Once I was able to speak and write it fairly well, but if you cannot use your abilities … Babbel has been refreshing indeed.


Yesterday I took a long walk of 6 km in Helsinki. Felt quite OK.

Otherweise I’m taking care of my beloved body with …


And I feel good
Alfalfa sprouts
smoothie stuff
Mango and strawberries

I grow sprouts of Alfalfa and Mungbeans for years already. Those are an inexpensive and very healthy nourishment for a poor woman like me. I use them for salad and smoothies. One of my favorite smoothie is made of mango and strawberries.

Soon 76 years old and still bulletproof and strong