Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas. We in Espoo have snow and the most beautiful weather right now. I do not celebrate it as I am alone but I DO remember my Christmas as a child. As a refugee’s child (we were 6) we did not have a lot of money but enough for having good food though. The state did not help us but my father had well paid work.

Christmas started as father announced that this Christmas there will be no presents. However, Christmas Eve he ran to shops in order to buy some. Then he went to the forest to get us a beautiful tree. And Sauna was a must of course.

Santa Claus came to us also, but he left his sack to the gate.

It was our tradition that it was me who read the Christmas gospel before dinner.

Beautiful memories and I do not remember that there were discord of any kind ever.

PS. Those pics are taken by my brother in the 50s.

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